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This is possible only by setting a mission of quality engineering education in the frontier engineering areas relevant primarily to nation thereby enhancing national development process
The vision (Purpose) of the CEC strategic plan for a period of ten years (2020-2030) as;
 “Sustainable Engineering Technical Campus: A center of excellence”.
If such a vision is realized then CEC will be able to contribute to achieve a Mission as: to provide quality engineering education and research in the engineering areas relevant primarily to nation”.
In order to achieve the above vision, mission, the five goals area targeted with specific objectives.
The goals are,

  1. Initiation of Need based Academic programs
  2. Development of Physical Infrastructure based on State of Art technology
  • Human Resource Management has to be created. (Institutional Capacity of CEC has to be strengthened)
  1. Ensured Financial sustainability
  2. Establish Collaboration and cooperation among stakeholders
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